Ezer Longinus Musicianer/Engineerist

Selected Projects (2010—Present)

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LED Cube - Volumetric Display

During the last weekend in Januray 319 Scholes scheduled a hack-a-day. We had about 48 hours to start and finish some project. I decided to make an LED cube that would be able to display what it sees in 3 dimensions (a volumetric display). The LEDs is a 4x4x4 cube, with a 4x4 matrix of photocells and a range finder. I coded the input on the photocells to light up the corresponding LEDs on the 4x4 matrix when there was little to no light coming to them. The range finder found the distance of the object that was 'blocking' the light and told the the cube which slice of the cube to light up. I had a bunch of pictures of the project and code that I meant to post much earlier, but my computer with my pictures was nabbed on the subway, so all I have is this video I uploaded a while back. Maybe one day I'll rebuild the project, or build it better, and post all the code and more pictures. For now, hopefully the video will suffice.

LED Cube - Volumetric Display

2012, Jan–24th

– LED Cube, LED, Volumetric Display, photocell, range finder

4x4 photocell matrix and range finder to make a 3D display on a 4x4x4 LED Cube.