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Wireless Orb

Below is a video of a wireless orb I made for the Tyler Isaacson for the movie I, Helio. The LEDs in the orb are controlled wireless through the XBee protocol. You can control the rate of breathing, the minimum light intensity of the LEDs, and the maximum light intensity of the LEDs. The video demonstrates the features.

Wireless Orb from Longinus on Vimeo.

Wireless Orb

2012, Jun–18th

– Orb, LED, Arduion, Wireless, XBee

Commissioned by Tyler Isaacson for the film I, Helio. The Orb's brightness and rate of breathing is controlled wireless off camera. There are three parameters that the user can control; the rate of breathing, the minimum amount of illuminance for the LED, and the maximum amount of illuminance for the LED. The Orb is using the XBee protocol to communicate and a simple arduino sketch to send the control signals to the LED.