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SXSW Handmade Electronic Instruments - Presentation

Mark Kleback, Ryan Viglizzo, and I were asked to present some of the instruments we had making. I presented my feedback signal processor (which I am currently working on to make polyphonius [not sure that's a word]), an analog sequencer pedal, some guitar effects, and a little mixer to put it all together. The schematic for the feedback signal processor and sequencer pedals are posted in the audio section of the blog. In the coming days I'll be posting the finished product of both those projects. I made them look pretty and I made them durable, they are now standerd parts of my gear. I'll post good pictures of them soon, promise. Mark and Ryan presented their Zorb, which is a wireless controller that uses an accelerometer to control their Max patch. Mark also presented his arduino drum module and wired Max controller as well. Below is the video of the presentation. It's kinda boring and the sound is kinda bad. You are more then welcomed to watch it, we don't start talking until minute 22:30 or so. I do recommend you watch the performance after we talk Karl Ward's band Ghost Ghost played a pretty damn good set.

Watch live streaming video from oreillymake at livestream.com

SXSW 2012 - Handmade Electronic Instrument Presentation

2012, Mar–13

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Presented feedback signal processor, analog sequencer pedal, guitar effects, and mixer that I made at SXSW Interactive. We start talking around 22:30.