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Vision 01

I wanted to set up a relatively simple vision system for potential robotic function.  The basic idea was to use a array of photocells to "see" objects in front of them.  Since I didn't have a parellel to serial shift register, and there are only 6 analog inputs on the Arduino, the resolution of sight was only 2 x 3.  Below is a video of the system working.

  • Calibrate system for more sensitivity
  • Add more sensors for higher resolution
  • Implement in robot for testing

I'll post my progress as I keep working on this.

Vision 01 Vision 01

You can download the Arduino I wrote HERE and Processing Code HERE.

Experiments in Vision - First Attempt

2012, Jan-12

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Quick Description

This is a simple vision system using 6 photocells. This is more a proof of concept and I am hoping to expand upon this and get more resolution for the device's "sight".